How Do I Place A Bulk Order?

If you are looking to purchase more than two copies, please send an email request to orders@dailymormon.email so that we can get you special pricing and discounted shipping.

If you own a book store or are a distributor, you can find Daily Mormon through Ingram Spark and place wholesale orders directly through their site.

Why Are You Charging Money For This? Shouldn’t Content About The Book Of Mormon Be Free?

I wrestled with the idea of charging money for this, but ultimately landed on the decision to make the emails available in a physical format. The content will always be available for free if you go to http://dailymormon.email and sign up there.

If that doesn’t work, or you don’t want to receive this content via email, you can download a free copy of the .PDF version of the book by clicking on this link and entering your email address.

Wait, This Isn’t The Book You’ve Been Telling Us About For The Last Year, Is It?

No… great catch though! I’ve been working on a different book since spring of 2017, and in the process of writing that book started writing daily emails based off of the scriptures I was basing the book off of. This book, Daily Mormon, is a compilation of those 320+ emails, put into a physical form to make it more accessible.

If you’d like to know when the “other” book is released, and get early access to a free chapter and discounts during the pre-order window, make sure to sign up for the email list at dailymormon.email as that is where everyone will be notified.