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Delivered on July 4th, 2018.

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Daily Mormon started out as a daily email that was written while I was in the research phase on another project. I had highlighted more than 300 verses in The Book of Mormon and felt like while the book would take over a year to write, I wanted to share what I had found right away.

The email took off and soon hundreds of people were getting daily messages sent to their inbox. (You can sign up for free at http://dailymormon.email)

Realizing there was only around 300 or so emails, I knew the email would ultimately come to an end. Many of the readers had asked me to put the emails into book form so that they could study at their own pace and their own order. I then compiled all 300+ emails into a physical book so that readers could continue their daily practice of studying, pondering, and working to become better at understanding and living the gospel.
I hope you enjoy the book!
Daren Smith
Author – Daily Mormon